Lucy’s BBC THREE pilot “PLEASE HELP” is now streaming on BBC iPlayer: The show has been met with critical acclaim

  • “Either way, this bold step into the bizarre opens the nimble script up to so many abrupt turns and jokes, each wildly unpredictable as the narrative and the characters defy all conventions. The result is charming, bonkers, imaginative – and often laugh-out-loud funny.”
  • “Inventive gags, making the most of the visual medium, are packed tightly into these eccentric 15 minutes, while the story behind the strange powers bestowed upon Milly is so intriguing, you’ll feel cheated that the story is over so soon without exploring them more. The BBC really ought to pounce on this imaginative, hilarious premise and sign Pearman up for a series immediately.”
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  • “I was left wanting more.”
  • “The result was both enjoyably wacky, and a clever metaphor about the isolation and the joys of caring for someone. Her love for her nan shone through, even as the drudgery of her day-to-day life was clear.”
  • “Our protagonist was both burned out and superhuman at the same time – was she losing her marbles or literally becoming a superhero? We will need a full series to get to the bottom of it.”
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Lucy Pearman is an actress, award nominated comedian and writer.

She can be seen in the BAFTA nominated BBC series The Mind of Herbert Clunkerdunk, BBC2’s Mister Winner, the cult British Comedy series, Red Dwarf and Harry Hills Clubnite on Channel 4.

Her live shows have received widespread critical acclaim. She is an Edinburgh Comedy award best newcomer nominee and was Nominated for best show in the Leicester Comedy Awards. She is a regular on the alternative comedy circuit, a proud member of the Weirdos comedy collective and has gained the support of Harry Hill who was; "Stunned by her inventiveness".

"She is, quite rightly, becoming a household name, she’s a definitively explorative creative and she’s got us hooked"

"Lucy Pearman is fast evolving into one of the daftest and most delightful comedians on the fringe"

"Pearman is an extremely inventive performer, with new and exciting ideas, that surprise audiences in buckets."

"Pearman has charm in bucketloads"